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Post And Core

The dental post and core procedure is a restorative dental treatment used to rebuild and strengthen a tooth that has been extensively damaged or undergone root canal treatment. It involves the placement of a post within the root canal space of the tooth, followed by the construction of a core foundation to support a dental crown.


There may be a lot of queries in your mind, we have tried to answer quite a few of them, below:

  • What is the typical lifespan of a post and core?

    According to a study, teeth restored with metal post and cores exhibited an average survival period of 13.5 years from post insertion to tooth extraction. While there isn’t a comparable study for fiber posts, it is generally believed that they have a longer lifespan than their metal counterparts. This is attributed to the clear advantages of fiber posts, such as being non-corrosive and having a similar elastic modulus to dentin, making them more compatible. The retention of metal posts is influenced by factors such as post surface area, shape, and the type of cement used.

  • Is a post and core procedure necessary?

    As a general guideline, if more than half of the original crown portion of a tooth (the visible part above the gum line) is lost, a post is typically required to provide support for anchoring the core to the tooth. If more than half of the tooth’s crown remains, a core alone may be sufficient.

  • How much of the tooth is required for a crown?

    A crown becomes necessary when a tooth is compromised by a significant cavity, a root canal, or a large filling that occupies more than 3/4 of the tooth’s size.

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